Saturday, 11 January 2014

Saturday 11 January

Went into the city of Arnhem in the afternoon, but it was unfortunately raining. After shopping for a bit, we visited the Eusebius Church, quite a large, historical building. It was destroyed in the battle of Arnhem in September 1944, and not rebuilt until some 20 years later. The materials used in the rebuild were of inferior quality, requiring frequent and extensive restoration work. Even now, they are replacing bad pieces of masonry. The interior is magnificent, but starkly empty. The church has one of the tallest spires in the land, rearing up 300 feet (91 metres) from near the banks of the river Rhine. It looks different now than before 1944. A lift takes you up to the highest levels, from which you have a fantastic view - on clear days. Today wasn't clear, it was pouring with rain. Near the city lies a large sculpture in the shape of an aardvark. It stretches for about 30 feet. As we left the city again, the sun came out.

This bell fell from the spire as it collapsed during fighting for the city in 1945.

View from the spire
P1116782 P1116785 P1116783 P1116781 P1116780 P1116778 P1116777

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