Monday, 24 December 2012

Monday 24 December

An overcast day, which started with some rain and drizzle, which soon moved away north. It's quite mild today, with a current high of 11C / 52F. At breakfast, I was treated to the sight of a great tit exploring a nestbox; yes, it's only December 24th. There are huge flocks of all sorts of tits (great tit, blue tit &c) around at the moment. Apparently, they have moved west from Russia, to flee a lack of food. Only to find the same problem here.


Went for a stroll around town this afternoon, just over 2 miles to break in the new walking boots. Also had a nosey into the church where I shall attend the Watchnight Service later this evening. I use the Scottish expression - of course, this refers to the shepherds watching at night.

PC240137 Town Hall
PC240129 Xmas tree in church
PC240125 "Go forth and do likewise"
PC240124 Church organ, AD 1758
PC240120 Leafy estate
PC240118 Forest trail

PC240112 Fungus eating dead tree