Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tuesday 2 October

Went to the west of the country to attend to my sister's birthday. She was a certain age, and did not really want to know about it. Well, everybody was made to know about it. I won't post those pics on a public blog, but everybody that was there (and a few others) knows exactly what I'm talking about. I will share a few pics of the pets of the household. My dad and I were very generously treated to a dinner at a tapas restaurant in their town; after three helpings, I was quite replete. Returned to base at 10.30pm, after a train journey that went as smoothly as the one going there.

Oh, did I mention the big tits that were looking for a nestbox? Well, they did here.

PA028836 PA028840 PA028834 PA028815 PA028819 PA028822

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