Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday 1 October

A beautiful autumn day here in the east of Holland; the west had to make do with cloud and later rain. We managed 18C / 64F. Went on a long walk, over to the town of Dieren, some 6 miles by rail and road; but our walk took nearly 10 miles. We went up to the Zypenberg and Posbank, a mile or so north Rheden, then through the Onzalige Bossen [Unholy Woods] to the Carolinahoeve, thence the final 3 miles to Dieren. The Carolinahoeve, an old farmhouse converted to a restaurant, was closed for the Monday. Otherwise, there were not many other walkers or cyclists around. It took us four hours to cover the distance. After a cuppa and a piece of apple pie at a relative's house we went home by train - which left us with just over a mile to walk back.

Again, I'll post piccies at a later stage, as I'm very behind with uploading photos. A selection will appear on my Facebook page.

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