Sunday, 18 December 2011

Saturday 17 December

Today, my father and I went to a family get together at Hardenberg, 70 miles northeast of here. The occasion was the 40th birthday of a cousin. The party was very well attended, with about 100 people in the hall. We were treated to coffee and cake, a drink or two and finally a meal. Part of Dutch cuisine consists of mashing together vegetables and potatoes, served with fried bacon or sausage. Stodgy but wholesome and healthy. We took the train, which took us two hours. Weather was iffy, with showers encroaching from the west and rain upon our return south. Return home was at 11pm, after a walk from the nearest railway station.

As a rule, I do not post pictures of people on here for reasons of privacy. Instead, I'll feature some landscape and railway shots I took on the journey to Hardenberg.

Hardenberg Station

Electricity pylons at Zwolle

Between Deventer and Zwolle

St Walburgs Church at Zutphen

Our train pulling into Velp Station

I'm afraid you'll have to scan the map below for the other places mentioned in this piece; Velp is near Arnhem, at the bottom of the map.

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