Friday, 23 December 2011

Friday 23 December

Like yesterday, a wet day, but it did clear up a bit later in the afternoon. Went out for a walk in the woods, 3½ miles to the viewpoint at the Emma Pyramid. This was a work creation project in the late 19th century. However, in recent years, the trees around it have grown so tall that you can't see anything from the top of the original hillock. When I was small, you had a view all the way into Germany (about 15 miles away) from the top. Now you need to climb a 40 ft tower to see that far. I don't have a head for heights, unfortunately.

Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers has reached the International Space Station on board a Russian Soyuz space-craft. The Soyuz has docked successfully on to ISS, and Kuipers, preceded by his commander and one other cosmonaut, has drifted on board. He was shown on Dutch TV this evening, communicating with his family. His young daughter sang a song for him, which left his fellow astronauts a tad bemused, I think.

View from the Emma Pyramid (into the forest)

Commemorative stone for young men summarily executed by the Nazis in December 1944.

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