Friday, 16 December 2011

Friday 16 December

Overcast and cold in eastern Holland, and with an inch of snow on the ground at daybreak (8.45 am). The snow turned to drizzle and that continued all day. France and Spain were lashed by stormforce winds on the southern flank of the causative depression.

A major news item in Holland, which even made it to the frontpage of the BBC News, is the revelation that there was evidence of systematic child abuse in the Roman Catholic Church in Holland for decades. Even though concerns were raised within the Church, nobody took action, from the top of the hierarchy down. The Dutch RC Church has expressed profound regret. A former cardinal gave the ominous phrase: Wir haben es nicht gewusst. This line in German (meaning: We never knew about this) was commonly used after the Second World War when many Germans claimed to have been ignorant of the mass murder of Jews and other so-called non-Aryans in the death camps. In recent times, a similar abuse scandal rocked the RC Church in Ireland.

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Sybil said...

Glad that you arrived safely and all is well. Bet you wished you had left these gales behind !!
I am truly sickend by the hews that continues to come out about child abuse by the religious communities..not I don't say Chistian...and to think that their leadesr stand by and do nothing...oh Guideo whatever has our world come to..2000 years and still people do not seem to be able to obey the simplest of commandments of Loving one another..
Have a wonderful Christams and best wishes to your Father.
Love sybil x