Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day 2011

A grey and overcast day, rather a contrast to the severe gales that continue to lash the Western Isles of Scotland. Very mild, with the mercury at 11C / 52F this afternoon. I spent most of the afternoon and evening visiting relatives in a town 7 miles away, during which we had a good chance to catch up. Apart from at my mother's funeral in 2008, I basically hadn't really seen them for yonks. I had not even been in their house, where they had been living since 1987. Don't get me wrong: I have kept in touch, but just not face-to-face. Have done a lot of catching up in that respect over the past 11 days or so.

Just a wee note to say I am not posting on here until New Year's Eve, as I'm off internet until Saturday. I'm away on a journey to one of the Dutch northern isles - I'll be posting a number of back-dated entries to catch up with pics and the like.

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