Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tuesday 7 June

A bit of an overcast day, and not particularly warm - by Dutch standards. However, as the afternoon progressed, the sun came out and the mercury made it up to 20C / 68F, which I would expect here in June. After lunch, I went on a walk through the nearby forests with my dad. It stretched for 5½ miles and took 2 hours. There were not many other walkers about. We started off by going to a roadbridge across the nearby A12 motorway (Utrecht - Arnhem - Germany). The motorway will be widened to three lanes each direction over the next 3 years, meaning the roadbridges that cross the A12 will have to be replaced with longer spans. The bridge in the Schelmseweg (Velp - Oosterbeek) is one of those. After a spot of sightseeing around the works, we headed into the woods.

I am closing this post with a selection of pictures. Those of you who have read this blog in the past will be familiar with the scenery. It is a sharp contrast to my imagery from the Hebrides.

The church (AD 1758)

Egyptian goose with goslings

Forest track

Recycling in progress

On the motorway bridge

In the garden

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad to see you've reached your destination and were able to get out and take a nice long walk. It is quite different there for sure. Enjoy the visit.