Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thursday 9 June

A day of sunshine and cumulus clouds bubbling up. There appears to have been a few loose showers about, but not in my vicinity. Did a bit of reading out before lunch, but the sun was very warm. Mercury made it to 18C. Today's 6 mile walk took us into the Heathlands as far as the Watchtower. Previous readers will recognise these landmarks (names given in translation). Although my father's house stands 130 feet above sealevel, the watchtower is at 350 feet. However, when you see the pictures, it actually stands on quite a level plain. The watchtower is maintained as a piece of industrial heritage. Planes took over its use as a firewatch from 1960 onwards. It was restored in 1992.

Goslings of Egyptian Geese

The Watchtower

Another area of sandblow

The Heathlands

My old school

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No day complete with goslings can be bad. ~Mary