Saturday, 11 June 2011


When this post goes up, I should be on a train, heading south towards Switzerland. I shall be near the Rhone Valley for a fortnight, and not have access to the Internet. Although I passed through the area in 1998, on a train between Geneva and Milan, I haven't visited the small Alpine resort north of Brig since 1985. 

I shall close this post with some old photographs of the area, and look forward to updating this blog upon my return, from 26 June onwards.

Feel free to email, but you'll get an away message. Neither will I update Facebook or Twitter.


Jeanie said...

That looks like spectacular walking and climbing country Guido.
Don't get too near the edge of high tors or cliffs. We want you back home in one piece. Enjoy yourself.

Barb said...

Awesome photos. I so envy you being there. Glad to know you enjoyed yourself and are now back home safe and sound.