Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Wednesday 29 December

The snow has by no means gone, as the mercury continues to hover around zero. It has certainly thinned out quite a bit, particularly in open and exposed locations. In the middle of the forest, you can still come across thick wads of the white stuff on conifer trees. Went for a walk this afternoon to the Heathlands, which presented a polar landscape. Tufts of heather stuck out above the snow, but otherwise it was a very bleak landscape. Made even more so by the mist, caused by the evaporation of the snow. The sun was shining fairly brightly, until a bank of cloud moved up from the west. A thaw is on its way in, however slowly. Tonight, we may see the mercury dip to close to -10C, but after that, we're on the up. Probably to the seasonal norm for eastern Holland, +4C / 39F. The roads in the hillier parts of the district are still closed, and gratefully used by those on skies or sleds.

I shall have a picture post and one additional blogpost later today or tomorrow morning, as I am attending a theatre performance in Arnhem tonight. The bus will provide the necessary transport.

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