Thursday, 30 December 2010

School's out

I'm going to take you on amble round the village, which I did undertake this afternoon around 4pm. It leads past two of the three schools which I attended as a child. One of those schools is no longer in existence; it was a temporary structure, long since removed to make way for housing. I went on the walk to picture the hoarfrost (-3C this afternoon) and fog. The fog had dissipated when I ventured out, but the rime was still in place. Enjoy.

Heading home

New school, built in 1973, now due for replacement

Still think Holland is flat?!

Misty skies

And you were wondering about school #3?

1 comment:

Sybil said...

What great photographs Guido..Loved the close up especially.
Take care on theme there slippy roads. Also take care you donlt catch your Fathers cold. Have a wee dram..or two..tonight that will keep he bugs at bay !!
Happy New Year to you and all those you love.
Sybil xx