Monday, 27 December 2010

Monday 27 December

Sniffles subsiding gradually, thank you, just as well, as I'm running out of paper hankies. I nonetheless went for a short stroll in the woods. The snow is beginning to melt slowly, although we have another cold blast heading our way until the end of the week. Overnight lows -12C by Thursday, brrr. The stroll in the woods led along some incredibly slippery roads, I nearly needed ice skates there.

Tonight, there will be a news review on Dutch television, to showcase what cannot really be called the highlights of 2010. It is usually a litany of disasters, mishaps and what not.

The old school

Anyone lost their bonnet?

Slide down the slope, through the fence and on to the duckpond. Oh, the ice is rather thin there...

The Arnhemse Allee (which leads into the city of Arnhem) - an Allee is a treelined avenue.

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