Monday, 21 June 2010

Video clips from Vlieland

This first clip shows the aspect and more importantly the sounds from a viewpoint in the south of the island. As the camera moves further to the right (facing north), the winds starts to rumble in the camera's microphone.

This video was taken as the ferry departed on Friday (18th). The weather was pretty awful, so you can't see a lot. I almost have to refer to pictures I took on departing following my previous visit in 2008.


Jeanie said...

Those videos took me back to Oban as we departed for Mull then Iona.
It was a grey day there too Guido.
Nice to see your videos and I'm sure you had a magical time at your sister's house.
Take care

Lisa said...

I liked the ferry video. The ferry seems to move much faster than I would have thought.