Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Departing Vlieland - 18 June

After a week of sunshine, the Friday of our departure dawned overcast and grey. Having cleaned the bungalow, we set out for an hour's walk, as far as the Dam 30 crossing, then back along the beach. We left the Ankerplaats at 10 am, to drop off our hired cycles near the ferry terminal and wait for the boat to turn up. It did so on time, at 10.30. Having been one of the first to board, we took up position on the top deck to watch everybody else throng on board. The MS Vlieland departed at 11.45 amidst a drizzle and poor visibility. The well-known landmarks were all shrouded in mist, and we only saw the dunes along the North Sea shoreline as far as Kaap Bol, just east of the beach hotels. On going inside, there was no seating left for my father and I to sit on, and nobody offered to give up theirs to my dad, who is in his 70s. OK, he is fit and healthy and was content to sit on a sideboard by the window, but it wasn't very good. Arrived into a bright Harlingen at 1.15, on time to miss the 1.30 train (it takes a while for the boat to dock, luggage and passengers to unload) because the bridge was open. Had a good trip all the way to Velp, but amazed at the number of cycles being carried on the train. In addition to cycle-hauled prams, babies and other paraphernalia by young parents. Anyway, we were back at my father's house by about 5pm.

Did I say we're always incredibly sentimental on leaving the island of Vlieland? My father's been coming there for nearly 50 years now. 

View of the Ankerplaats

Junction of paths at Dam 30 crossing

View from crossing at Dam 30

Dog watching over fishermen's possessions on the beach near Dam 30

Good-bye to the beach

Ferry disembarking

View of the village and the lighthouse dune

Luggage trollies going on board the ferry

Departing Vlieland - the island salutes you

Trains at Leeuwarden

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Sybil said...

Ao glad that you and your Father has such a lovely time on Vlieland and pray that you will both be able to visit again one day sooner rather than later.
love Sybil