Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tuesday 26 January

A bright and sunny day, but ever so cold. The day opened with the mercury at -9C, and we only went as high as -4C by mid afternoon. As I type, the temperature has plummeted right back down to -9C, and it's only half past eleven. Heaven knows what it'll show by sunrise time tomorrow morning, just after 8 am. Went for a walk in the Castle Country Park, which is always a nice amble. Most of the noteworthy water features have frozen over, and the ornaments have been wrapped in tarpaulins to protect them from the hard frost. People are waiting for the ice to grow thick enough on the castle moat, but the weather should change to a less cold spell tomorrow afternoon. So, more snow in the offing.

Politics is the same wherever you go. The Dutch minister for Transport did a nice Duke of Wellington impression in Parliament this afternoon. The issue is around the introduction of charging for the use of the roads, in order to relieve the massive congestion on this country's roads. The Dutch automobile club ANWB published a survey on its website, where drivers could register whether they fancied the idea to be charged for every kilometre they drive, although road and cartax would be abolished. The Minister, Camiel Eurlings, said on Friday that a negative outcome of the survey would mean the shelving of the scheme. The Lower House of Parliament in The Hague did not fancy the idea that government policy would be decided by a poll on an ANWB website rather than through debate in Parliament, so Mr Eurlings was called to account. He promptly backtracked on his words last Friday and stated that Parliament was supreme. Remember the Duke of Wellington? He marched his army right up the hill - and then marched it all back down again.

A few pictures to close this post

The well

The Castle from an unusual angle

The Castle Moat

The Torck School (former primary school)

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures today. I love being able to see different places in the world right from my chair and travel has no obstacles for me. I'm glad you can get out even with the cold. It is not my cup of tea so I'm inside most of the winter.