Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thursday 28 January

The weather has changed markedly since yesterday. After temperatures well below freezing for a few days we are now basking in +6C (43F) with occasional sunshine, but with intermittent wintry showers. If it was 8 weeks later, I'd be talking about March showers - that's the Dutch equivalent of April showers. Been back and forth to various shops today, such as the baker's and another photography store. The latter one was in a shopping centre in Arnhem, 45 minutes' walk away. Another day, another suggestion. I'll go to a few more shops before I make up my mind which camera I want.

Those on Facebook may be familiar with the dice game "Farkle". Well, I've got myself six dice and am playing it on my own table. No need to go on line for this one. There are quite a few on-line card games as well that you actually play with real cards, would you believe. Board games too fall in this category, and a few weeks ago I played a game of Monopoly on the table, rather than on-line. Much more fun, in actual fact.

Once I've uploaded my pictures, I'll post them here.

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