Sunday, 3 January 2010

Sunday 3 January

Awoke to a winter wonderland, with 5 cm of snow on the ground, which appears to have fallen last evening, between 6 and 9pm. The day started with cloud, but this soon moved away leaving us with a gorgeous snow landscape. Went for a walk at 11.30, but managed not to return until just after 2pm. The trail took us through the forests around the village all the way to the Koningsweg, some 2½ miles to the north. The going was a bit tricky in places. On a previous walk, roads and paths had become like sheets of ice and that was still present underneath the snow. It was perfectly feasible to walk. Some people even took their mountainbikes out. Just checked the weather reports, which state a temperature of -4C at the moment, up from -9C overnight. I took well over 100 pictures on the way, a selection of which I shall post in a little while. Overnight temperatures at Stavoren, on Lake IJssel, went down to -14.4C. Now I know that is peanuts compared to areas in the States, which have gone down to -40C in recent times. If this cold weather persists for long enough, people will start to itch to get their ice skates out. For the moment, young and old are content to sled their way down the hills around here - yes, this is Holland but we got hills round here.


Sybil said...

Thank you for taking me on that lovely walk Guedo..It sounds just so lovely and the pictures are beautiful. There is something about snow that comes out so well..Hope the snow dosn't get much worse so that you can get back safely this week.
Love Sybil x

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Those are beautiful pictures but give me the warmth of indoors on cold days like today. I don't walk much at all outdoors in the winter. Falling on the ice would not be a good thing for sure. I did do just that a couple of winters ago just getting out of my car as the black ice was a fooler. Thankfully nothing broken but my pride as it was in the middle of the church parking lot. I was flat out on my back. I've learned to be much more aware not and haven't slipped since.