Monday, 25 January 2010

Monday 25 January

A cold, cold winter's day. Temperature no higher than -3C all day, and it was just as well that there was no more wind than this force 1 from the northeast. Tomorrow is going to be even colder, but then the sun will be out. Today was grey and misty, and the few pictures I took in the next town, whilst walking to the shop, bear that out. I shall post those tomorrow.

The suitcase saga has thankfully come to a positive conclusion. Although I was told the case would arrive between 8 am and 1 pm, the delivery van did not turn up until 2 pm, by which time I was already phoning the airport again. Not impressed with the driver who chewed on his pen whilst talking on the phone in the middle of delivering the case to me, before handing it to me to sign the chit. Yuk.

Today is Burns' Night in Scotland, and the poetry will have done the rounds, as will the haggis and the drams. Here in the Low Countries, I have been busy solving a postal mystery - I have written about that on Atlantic Lines, as it is a Scottish story. Tonight will be a cold one: down to -11C in places, with a daytime high of -5C. I'll wrap up warm.


Jeanie said...

I'm sure you will have to wrap up warm Guido. The weather over in Europe is perishing!
I am a freak about cross contamination. I too would have been reluctant to use the deliveryman's pen. A double Yuck! Yuck! from me on that score.
I sometimes wish I hadn't taken a hygiene course for management. lol


Sybil said...

Goodness Guido you sure will have to wrap up tonight. I see on forecast tonight that we are due to have a northerly wind by Thurs. with perhaps snow Thurs/Frid. can you possibley arrange to have it diverted...go on...your good at everything LOL
Love to you and your Father