Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Wednesday 30 December

Although the sun set some 45 minutes ago, it got dark enough to put on the lights more than an hour before that time. It is a dreich, wet and cold day, with the mercury barely above freezing. We can anticipate a continued downward movement in temperatures, as the Dutch Met Office (KNMI) merrily gives us temperatures below freezing and overnight lows below -10C in the days to come. What joy. It would appear that tomorrow and Friday will see some snow, but after that it will dry up. Looking to my adopted home in the northwest of Scotland, I see them under warning for icy roads. The council there doesn't grit the pavements, so the residents take it upon themselves to do it.

The Dutch Minister for the Interior has held a press conference this afternoon about the failed terrorist attack on a plane, which left Amsterdam for Detroit on Christmas Day. Mrs Ter Horst asserted that only so-called body-scanners would have detected the explosives on the Nigerian man. Queen Beatrix has commended the Dutch passenger who overcame the terrorist after he had tried to light the detonator to the explosives.

I have no pictures to show for today, apart from one of my father's moth orchid, which I may put up later. 

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Sybil said...

Been a cold wet dreich day here as well Guedo..Had the lights on most of the afternoon.
Hope that tomorrow will be a bot better but not so sure.
Love Sybil x