Thursday, 24 December 2009

Thursday 24 December

Christmas Eve dawned bright and sunny, but we lost the sun soon after lunch. Dire warnings from the Dutch Met Office (KNMI) about freezing rain this evening, but as I type this at 11.30 pm, it's still dry. Went for another amble with my father at 2pm, through the forests only this time. Thick snow on the ground, making it hard to walk. Any tracks made by vehicles were slippery, so I resorted to walking in the undisturbed snow. Temperature +2 to +3, leading to evaporation of snow and misty conditions. The professional dog walkers had lost a dog - you can hire someone to walk your pooch for you round here. Some people have more money than sense. I went to the Xmas Eve church service at 9.30pm - participating as a chorister. My standing as a tenor is in doubt; I was a bit bunged up on the airways so did not manage the high F#. Shame on me. Am back in church in the morning for the full Christmas service.

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