Monday, 28 December 2009

Monday 28 December

A very nice day, quite sunny and reasonable temperatures. Until two hours ago, we were up at the dizzying height of +7C / 45F, and the snow has been disappearing at a good pace. Just some treacherous patches of ice remaining in shadowed corners. My dad and I went for a walk in the Heathlands north of here - old readers of this blog are familiar with the imagery from there - and the ice made the going a bit slippery here and there. Before that, I went into Velp, the nearest town (my home town has no shops) for a few bits and pieces. I went out at half past eleven, and the sun reflecting on the wet road surfaces practically blinded me. As I type, the mercury has nosedived to freezing, with clear skies overhead. The moon is shining brightly, and (to which I contribute a picture a day as user Castle Town) features quite a few entries from people around Europe with similar experiences.

Tonight will be spent in front of the goggle box with the news review of the year on NOS television. 

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Linda's World said...

It's 34* here this morning but no snow...It is pretty but can be treacherous for sure. Linda in Washington state