Thursday, 31 December 2009

Closing hours

Nearly 10pm and 2009's last two hours approach. I returned from a family visit at 7pm. Dutch Railways are allowing all passengers to travel for 40% less than normal today (and yesterday) on account of the severe disruption on the network last week. Everything worked according to timetable, absolutely exemplary. We had to time our return to well before 8pm, when all public transport in this country stops for the New Year Eve celebrations.

Bussum Zuid railwaystation as the 2.35 to Leiden and Amsterdam is set to move out

View from the train at Hilversum

When the clock strikes midnight, my father and I will clink glasses on a new year, and a new decade.

I would like to wish all readers a happy New Year, in health and prosperity.

HAPPY 2010


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I wish you a very Happy New Year too!

Sybil said...

Every Blessing to you and your Father at the start of this new year. And thanks for the friendship you have shown over the past years .

Love Sybil xx