Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas morning

The day started with snow, which has now turned to rain. The snow that is still lying on the ground will probably melt in the next day or so, although the weather is not expected to turn mild. Nonetheless, whilst I was in church, the snow did fall, giving us the first White Christmas in many years. Like last night, I sang in the church choir this morning. At lunchtime, Her Majesty Queen Beatrix held her annual Christmas address on radio and television, focusing on inter human contact, compassion and the barriers, posed and removed, by computers. Blasting away at someone from behind a computerscreen is a lot easier than face to face. It is easier to just communicate in 140 characters (or 160 if you're texting), yet it may be possible never to meet the people concerned. Queen Beatrix held that it was not possible to show true compassion without face to face contact, without hearing a voice. I respectfully beg to differ, and point to our Call for Support journal for evidence to the contrary. It is a subject on which I hold strong feelings, and on which I have had frequent strident arguments with people.

Later this afternoon, my two sisters, their partners and children will call round for the Christmas family get-together. I'm pleased that driving conditions are OK on the Dutch motorways today; there was a warning out for freezing rain, but that has failed to materialised.

If you're to have your Xmas dinner yet, enjoy, but don't overindulge.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is raining here this morning but by evening it will get colder and snow here. It's a quiet Christmas morning here at my house. I hope your time with family this Christmas is a happy time filled with wonderful Christmas blessings. Merry Christmas!

Liza said...

It was windy, warm and rainy here in Indiana for Christmas, but has turned much colder. Guido, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and thank you so much for the card. :) Liza