Thursday, 31 December 2009

31 December 2009

It's New Year's Eve and the year 2009 is starting to become history. Just over an hour after this post is published, people in Fiji and New Zealand will welcome 2010. The cycle will be complete 24 hours later, as all the world has moved into the New Year.

In spite of the recession, €65 million (that's £70m) has been spent in Holland on fireworks, which will be let off tonight. It is already legal to let them off now (from 10 am), but the permission ends at 2 am tomorrow morning. The usual warnings apply, and have been and will be ignored on a large scale. Torn off limbs, damaged or missing eyes, impaired hearing and all that being the result. Already. I'll reiterate nonetheless:

- don't hold on to fireworks if you're lighting them, except sparklers
- sparklers are very hot (their fire reaches 2500C)
- place fireworks in a bottle and light with a lit cigarette, not an open flame
- do not throw or direct fireworks at people or animals
- keep pets indoors, in a lit room with music playing and curtains closed
- any firework that fails to go off should be doused with water

It is perhaps safer to go to an organised, professional fireworks display. In my adopted hometown of Stornoway, such a display has been organised for 12.30 am.

Please be safe, don't overindulge in alcohol and most important of all:

End 2009 on a positive!

I'm posting a final entry for this year this evening. 


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We'll see a few fireworks in our neighborhood but there isn't a community display for New Year here. Most celebrate at parties in homes or hotels nearby. I'll be home and enjoy the evening with one of my sisters as we have done for many years now. Tomorrow I'll cook for my family. Ending the year on a positive note is very good advice. The past is done and gone...Nothing but new and bright hopes for the New Year.

Winivere said...

Hi, G! Happy New Year!