Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Weather remains as autumnal as it has been since the weekend, with heavy showers, much wind and moderate temperatures. I'm not complaining about the 18C we have today. My dad got caught twice in a heavy shower so he isn't too happy lol. Went to visit a relative this afternoon - can't give details on an open blog, sorry.

Tweetdeck, my Twitter app, has upgraded and boy don't I like that stupid background they've imposed on us unsuspecting users. I don't know what "blink-182" is, and I don't want to know. Neither do I want those guys cluttering up my screen all the time. It could drive me off Tweetdeck altogether if this doesn't get sorted soon.

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Lisa said...

You know alot more about Twitter than I do, I don't even know how to reply to anything..duh.

Blink 182 is a band - don't know if that is what they are promoting or not, I haven't seen it.