Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Today 4 years ago, suicide bombers struck the London Underground system and a London Transport bus. They took 52 innocent people with them to their deaths, and left 700 injured. Today in 2009, a memorial for those lost will be unveiled in Hyde Park, London.

7/7 ranks alongside 9/11 in the list of dates of infamy that will not be forgotten. Neither will those that were lost in either atrocity.

I posted this on Atlantic Lines as well.

Today is a cooler day with fresh breezes blowing cloud across the country. We've been warned against more heavy showers, but the rustling sound I hear outside is that of the leaves on the trees, not the patter of raindrops. I'm not used to the sound of rustling leaves, there being so few trees in Lewis. My current location has plenty - below picture was taken during my last visit here in May.


Linda's World said...

Beautiful picture Guido. I would rather hear the rustling of leaves than the patter of rain drops, myself. But sometimes the rain is necessary & welcome. Linda in Washington

Sandra said...

Hi Guido, I`m glad there is a permanent memorial to those who perished in the bombings, they deserve to be remembered forever.

Love Sandra xx