Friday, 10 July 2009


Pretty abysmal day - wet and windy. It has only just dried up, but the temperatures remain low (15C). Today is my last day in Holland for this visit; tomorrow will see me winging my way northwest towards western Scotland. As I am visiting some of the other Western Isles en route to Stornoway, I do not anticipate being able to blog until next Thursday. If I can, count it as a bonus. You'll see any postings Facebook or Twitter. My next blog post will be on Atlantic Lines.

The Shell Gallery will go under wraps from today, until I next return to Holland. Before the tarps come out, here are a few of the shots I took this week. Not many at all, due to the grotty weather.

How do you mean, wet?


Castle and Lake

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Connie said...

Awww I read your previous post on AL and ran over to see ...that you are well...whew....take care..