Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Closing Tuesday

Normally, I'd be out walking with my dad most days, but the weather has turned. Heavy showers, some with thunder. And we had to wait for the man to come and get rid of our wasps nest. He came at midday, and by the end of the afternoon they appear to have died. I can't stand wasps. Not allergic to their stings, but most unpleasant at that. In the afternoon, it poured and poured. Went to the graveyard in a relative lull in the rain, but there was no way we could venture beyond that without getting soaked. Transcribed more names for my project, am now one-sixth down the list of about 6,000. I'm beginning to wonder whether the total is not much more than 6k; I've got about 130 pages to cover, yet have done only 15. I'll write more about this on Atlantic Lines once I've finished - I'll be at this after I return to the Hebrides.

Michael Jackson, I hope he can rest in peace now. He was a tortured soul whose fortunes allowed other people to take gross advantage of him.

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Lisa said...

The pictures you've posted are fabulous. Everything looks so clean, I believe I repeat myself on this about but it is so true.

I hate wasps too and run from them like a school girl.