Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wednesday 29 April

Back in Holland after almost 3 months, and spring is in full swing. Whereas it is tip-toeing its way into the Hebrides, flowers are out in full glory down here. The dawn chorus woke me at 5 this morning, something that doesn't happen in Stornoway. Not many songbirds there, unfortunately.

Yesterday's trip, as I indicated on Facebook, was hellish. Due to an error at the Stornoway check-in desk, my luggage went astray at London Heathrow. I knew I had to manually cart my bag from Heathrow to Gatwick, a 50 mile road journey. I waited and waited at Heathrow, and when I made enquiries, the mistake came to light. It took an hour and a half in all for them to reunite me with my case, by which time it was too late to get to Gatwick for my connecting flight. I was rebooked on a later flight out of Heathrow, at 6pm. Four hours later, and yet another more hour due to a delay, I took off for Amsterdam. Nice flight over southeastern England, and we crossed the coast at Harwich, where the ferry from Hook of Holland was just coming in to dock. A spot of turbulence nearly made us all spill our tea. Arrived into Schiphol at 9.15pm, four hours late. One hour later, my train departed for Arnhem, where I got at 11.30pm. It was midnight by the time I finally got to greet my dad. Hope the return journey is not as fraught as this episode was.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you got there safe and sound after all the mix ups. Enjoy the beauty of spring.

Linda's World said...

Happy to hear you're there safe and sound. I'm sure your dad was glad to see you. Sounds like you had quite an experience getting there. Linda in Washington (48*)

Carolina Girl said...

Ditto on the safe n' sound. Hope you had a nice visit with Dad.

Love ya!


Sybil said...

Do hope that your return journey will go smoothly...I was so sorry to see and read about the dreadful events of the past days...
I was also remembering your family today and praying that you were all well and able to celebrate your Mothers life with thankfulness.

Much Love Sybil x