Saturday, 24 January 2009

Dendermonde / Dunblane

Yesterday, the Belgian town of Dendermonde was struck by the news that a deranged man had entered a nursery school with a knife, and had killed two infants and a helper. He was apprehended shortly afterwards, but to date has not made any declaration about his actions. The 20-year old will appear in court on Tuesday.

An eerie parallel exists with a similar incident in the Scottish town of Dunblane. In 1996, a man entered a school in the town, just north of Stirling, and killed 16 children and one adult, before taking his own life.

My thoughts are with the parents of the children injured or killed at Dendermonde, similarly with those at Dunblane who will experience a flashback to that day in March 1996.


Lisa said...

My gosh what could ever possess a person to kill or harm an innocent child. That person has to be locked up, for questions asked.

Gerry said...

I heard about this incident on the news and thought well, they have tragedies like we seem to experience here all too often, but it does seem like here it is more murderous. Gerry

Jan said...

Iheard about on the news The man has to be very ill mentaly .pleased you are there safe Jan xx