Sunday, 4 January 2009

4 January

Today is a day of thaw, with the mercury well above freezing (+3C / 37F) this afternoon. Although we had some light snow in the morning (which did not settle), it is now raining. The thaw is likely to be only short-lived, as frost will return on Monday night.

Although I mentioned that my camera no longer functions, I was given my father's digital camera to take pictures over the past couple of days. On return to Stornoway, I am reverting to film and a good deal fewer pictures, which will also be very late in appearing. Meantime, my digital camera will go away for repairs, which will hopefully not take long.

This is my final post on the Shell Gallery, as I am travelling back to Stornoway tomorrow. This is a journey that will take me about 15 hours from door to door. My next post will appear on Atlantic Lines on Tuesday.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Have a good trip. It is much the same weather wise here today. Hope the camera gets fixed in quick time for you. 'On Ya'-ma

Sybil said...

Safe journey to you. Still cery cold and frosty here -4 at 10am but by this afternoon it is up to 0 !! Looking forward to your return
Love Sybil xx

Gerry said...

I have my Hammonds Atlas now and I have searched Scotland a number of times tring to find Stornoway. Have not located it yet. Got a general idea of where Jeannette lives and Genii of the Lakes just sent me a map, so I can find her. I did find the Rhine river and must have gotten the general area where you are now. I will read you back in Stornoway! Gerry

Carol said...

Wishing you a safe journey Guido.
Cold here the past few days. -10. A few miles from us it was -16
Keep warm, stay safe.