Friday, 30 January 2009

30 January

Brilliantly sunny day, not a cloud in the sky - which is deep blue from horizon to horizon. Temperatures of about 4C / 40F, but with a keen easterly wind which makes it feel quite cold. After watching too much tennis (the Spaniard won, oh, it was two of them slogging it out in the middle of the night there), jumped on the bike and headed for the Heathlands once more. Apart from a lot of traffic on the A12 and A50 motorways, which lie to the west of this area, not much moved. Once away from the main arterial route between Arnhem and Apeldoorn (the latter town lies 15 miles to the north), it went quiet. Pity about the cold easterly wind. Once at the Watchtower, we headed home.

A few pictures to whet your appetites, more here.

Approaching the Watchtower from the west

Rime encrusted grasses in a shady patch

Bare branches on a birch tree


Connie said...

Spectacular photos!!
Have a great day...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad you have the sunshine. I need some for sure. It will be awhile before we see 40degrees again. 18 here this afternoon with just a few light snow flurries. It must have been a chilly ride for you. The pictures are beautiful. 'On Ya'-ma

Sybil said...

Looks like a really nice run that one Guido..As always your photo's are great...You and Dad must be quite fit to get about so much..good on you. Wrap up warm this weekend...Nice and sunny here this morning but looks cold out...
Love Sybil x