Saturday, 3 January 2009

3 January

Cold night, with the mercury down to -7C. It is now close to freezing, but the trees and everything is covered in a reasonable layer of rime. Went to the shop at 10 am (still very cold). Old Christmas trees were already sitting by the roadside, ready to be picked up for recycling. Not a needle left on them. The bottlebanks were doing a roaring trade, with everybody dumping their New Year empties. Otherwise, it was quiet in town. Should explain that town is a mile down the road; our village has no facilities at all; no shops, pubs or what have you. It does have a restaurant with incredible prices, and a tourist place down at the Castle. Not sure if it's open at this time of the year.

Went out at 11 to take pictures of the village in rime, and passed the Castle on my way round. It has a pond around the main tower, and as I said yesterday, covered in ice and coveted by skaters. The majority though went on the ice opposite the Town Hall, which is where a stream runs down a hill into the pond. Consequently the ice tends to be thinner there. Fewer people joining the ice at the right place, which is just inside the Castle Gates. Fancy having to walk or cycle an extra 200 yards, no can't have that.

PS: Am still uploading pics as I post this, so check back by midday (UK time).


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's cold here as it's several degrees below freezing. I won't venture out for a walk as there is still too much ice on the walkways.
The roads are clear and have been. Hope your day is a good one. I'll look forward to more pictures. 'On Ya'-ma

Amy said...

How beautiful is that! and no shops or pubs? I think I like the idea. Maybe. LOL

(my word verification is 'roids'. haha...hemmorhoids or steroids? Who comes up with these words?!?!)

Sybil said...

Weather not much better over here..This morning at 9am it was -6 even the de icer didn't work on the windscreen I had to resort to some warm water !! By 11am it was bikini weather up to -4 !!
Loved the photographs. Thanks

Love sybil xx

Joann said...

WOW!! Just READING your entry gave me chills!! I was complaining yesterday, because when we went to see the Rose Parade Floats, it was COLD, like in the 40's... that's REALLY COLD for us here. Well, have a great day!!

Carol said...

It's pretty much the same here. -5C and they've forcast snow. But you know it never snows on us.!!:(
Beautiful photos as always.
I think I'd be too scared to skate on a frozen pond or lake. I'm too wuzzy.
Stay safe and warm Guido.