Tuesday, 27 January 2009

27 January

Nice sunny start to the day out here, but the temperatures were well below zero. Cars are covered in a thick layer of rime. Continue to enjoy the flurry of small birds around the feeders outside; great tits, bluetits, nuthatches, robins, wrens as well as blackbirds. Other feathered visitors include bluejays and magpies. The latter not around the birdfeeders (they're too big and too shy), but they are scavenging around.

My dad has the builders round to refurbish some woodwork around the house. Frost, water and other influences don't contrive to keep things in a good state. Not to mention that old wasps' nest from decades ago, which was still in the rafters of the garage.

This evening, I shall collect some pictures which I took in Lewis earlier this month, as well as 3 that I took on Saturday whilst out on the Heathlands. Sunday's pics are digital ones, and available on Flickr.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We are above 0 but still below freezing here today. The birds are relying on people for feeding right now as anything else is frozen and mostly under snow and ice. We have one squirrel that joins them at our feeders. He picks up anything dropped on the ground. Hope your day is a good one.