Sunday, 25 January 2009

25 January

A nice sunny day, if a little on the cold side (temps of 5C) with what is locally termed a thin wind. It is called that as it penetrates any layer of clothing you may care to put on. High-level cloud slowly moved up from the west, but it will stay dry. A light frost is expected overnight. There is still ice on ponds and lakes from a recent frosty spell, but no major cold snap is anticipated. Went out for a walk (about 8 miles) in the Heathlands and forest area north of the village. My dad and I were not the only ones with that idea; dozens of folk were out there walking their dogs and themselves. The dogs had to do their little jobbies, the smell along some tracks bearing testimony to that. My father lent me his digital camera, so I shall be posting pictures of the walk later today or tomorrow.

Heard an item on the news about two men who were stopped cycling along a motorway on two bicycles. That's not allowed. It is even less clever to do so when you've nicked said pushbikes. They had been out for a night on the town, had missed their lift home, and decided to 'borrow' the bikes.

There is still no further news on the tragedy in Dendermonde, Belgium, where two babies and their carers were murdered on Friday morning. The nursery is to be closed down permanently. The suspect has not made any statement to police whatsoever.

Today is the 250th birthday of Robert Burns, Scotland's national poet. Although I'm not in Scotland this time round, I will post a poem on Atlantic Lines. Bearing in mind that I know what goes into a haggis, I am not entirely distraught at missing the Burns Supper tonight. A Burns Supper is a great social occasion though.


Sybil said...

awa ye go mau...a guid haggis wud day ye nae hairm at all !!!
I had mine today at lunch time...even though I know what goes in to it !!! delicious with the mashed tatties, and BIL even puts a dash of whisky over his haggis...I draw the line at that!
Glad you have had a nice sunny day for your walk.
Love sybil x

Cathy said...

I dinae like haggis at all...Not because of what goes into it as that disnae bother me...It's too spicey for me...You might get a wee giggle at my entry for today about a long past burns supper just before i turned 18