Friday, 2 January 2009

2 January

Bad start to the day, with rain falling on frozen surfaces. Area was more like an ice-rink first thing this morning. Fortunately, temperatures soon rose above freezing leading to a thawing of the ice. Gritters also came out, but not in time to prevent a few pile-ups on the motorways. Had a family visit in the morning, which was very nice. We went out for a walk to the Heathlands this afternoon. In the open, there was a cold northeasterly wind. Although the mercury was at 2C, it did not feel like that. My dad very kindly lent me his camera, as mine has now completely given up the ghost. It does show me the pics already on the memory-card, but won't take anything else but black pictures now. The little screen also has no preview.

I'm currently uploading the pictures, but after about 6pm GMT you'll be able to see them here.


Joann said...

Beautiful pics, as always, Guido!! Those unnamed sunlight photos are amazing!!

Gerry said...

I go now to look at newly uploaded photos. Sorry about your digital camera going black. But I like the photo that looks thoroughly winter. Nothing like this here I can tell you that. Gerry