Thursday, 1 January 2009

1 January 2009

Happy New Year to all.

The New Year tends to be a cause for celebration as well as violence in Holland. It was not as bad as last year, it would seem, but still, dozens of cars torched, dozens of people in jail, petrol bombs hurled at emergency services, several schools and other buildings set alight does not constitute a very quiet start to the new year to my eye. Alcohol plays a major part in it, obviously. I don't condemn the consumption of alcohol, but do condemn excesses which lead to the above-described mayhem.

I did manage to take pictures of fireworks in my area, but my camera seems to be suffering from a major fault, as all sorts of stripes and blotches appear in the images which were most definitely not present. I think I was lucky to get a good run of pictures yesterday afternoon. You can see them all here. Please note that I store pictures taken in Holland on a different Flickr account, but the link takes you to the right place.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy New Years Day ! I'll go take a look at the pictures. Too bad such havoc was done over there. Here in our town it was pretty quiet. 'On Ya'-ma

Gerry said...

my goodness, the New Years violence was much worse there than here as nothing too much took place in this big city. I noted that some commenters are predicting that violence and unrest will rise as the bad economy hits a lot more people as it is believed nothing has really caused a lot of pain yet. I feel sorry for the billionaires who so felt the loss of their Medoff invested billions they committed suicide. The poor hereseem more immune to hard times. Living on the edge. I heard on talk radio some commentary about the civil unrest abroad. The Mexican border is getting more violent as the drug runners show more desperation about running drugs successfully. Well, enough of that, and Happy New Year to you. Gerry

Gerry said...

I just want to say I went to here and looked at about 20 pages of photos of Holland. I was pleased to see the horses again and the sheep and rabbits. I saw the famous Rhine river. All the houses look so neat and well kept, not like so many here. Gerry