Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day 2008

Yesterday, there were 12 at the dinner table. Beforehand, we had a random distribution of gifts. Everybody had bought 3 gifts, which were left on the table. Using a dice and a set of instructions, the gifts ended up with - about anybody. I found myself the lucky recipient of 3 candles, a bathmat with Spongebob Squarepants on it and a few other bits and pieces. Good laugh.

Dinner was on a table-top electric barbecue, and the meat disappeared like snow in front of the sun. A very good day.

As I type this, it is brilliantly clear and very cold. Thermometer shows only a few degrees above zero, and the puddles in the woods were covered in ice. I'm quite bummed, because my camera has decided to malfunction. So, I can only show a few snaps - the majority just show a field of white. The shutter, lightmeter or some such gadget has fallen over. Need to take it to the shop.

I hope everybody else had a good Christmas themselves - forgive me for not calling round journals.


Lisa said...

The gift exchange sounds like a fun time....hahaha, SpongeBob!!! That's cute.

Glad to hear the dinner was tasty and it sounds like everyone had a good day. Too bad about your camera though.

Enjoy the rest of your visit.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have to say that once I dropped my camera and it wouldn't function but my SIL gave it a few good smacks with his hand and it has worked ever since...maybe you could give that a try. Glad you had a great day yesterday. It is still freezing here too, but is supposed to warm up for the weekend. That is very unusual for us here in Ohio. 'On Ya'-ma

Joann said...

Why is the day after Christmas called boxing day... is it because that's when you box up all the decorations again to put away for next year?? I have a brand new sponge bob sleeping bag to go with that bath mat, if you'd like to have it.... LOL!!!

Amy said...

hee hee...Spongebob. I'm a bit more 'Patrick' myself.

Happy you had a good day, G!!!