Monday, 3 November 2008

The wonders of modern technology

It's 3.30pm, and I've spent the past 3 hours on-line to the HP helpdesk, trying to sort out a software problem with my scanner. Meanwhile, it may be interesting to know that when you're in Holland, you get Dutch adverts on the websites. One of those lonely-hearts things told me in the UK that someone had a crush on me. This is being mindlessly translated, and I am now advised someone has a shattering on me. Oh, and I seem to have lost my wee bag with USB sticks. Probably at Aberdeen Airport, so will have to get in touch with them. Nothing I don't have a back-up of, but it's a nuisance nonetheless.


Stuart said...

My scanner died.
Love The Netherlands

Jenny said...

I hope you get your sticks back.
Jenny <><

Jeannette said...

I hope you get your USB sticks back Guido.... maybe the lady who has a shattering on you grabbed them! Jeannette xx

Connie said...

My HP scanner lost it's works but not well-am using the one I bought from mom since HP finally posted a driver for it,LOL