Saturday, 1 November 2008

Saturday 1 November

Greetings from a grey and wet Holland. Quite cold, 8C, but beautiful autumn colours. In the next few days I shall take pictures, it was too wet this afternoon to go out with the camera.
Last Saturday's storms in Stornoway blew the Hebridean leaves off the trees.
Tomorrow, my sisters, my dad and myself will attend a church service dedicated to the deceased of the previous 12 months. My mother passed away on May 1st, and will be mentioned. That is the primary reason I'm in Holland at present.

I am going to transfer the ownership of the Magic Smoke journal to myself, and will therefore become Jland Editor. Anyone wishing to join me in maintaining that journal is welcome, and will be added to the writers list. I am very glad that Yasmin and Jeannette have also opened a tricks & tips journal. The best thing to do with AOL is forget it ever existed.

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Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Hi to you in Holland, Guido. I'm glad you took over Magic Smoke. Do Jeannette and Yasmin have links on their blogs for tricks and tips or do they just add them as they get them. Give your dad a hug for me. xx