Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Afternoon stroll

Left home just before 1pm, and headed for the Heathlands through the forests that surround the village. The autumn colours are simply stunning at the moment, something I have not really seen for a while. Up in Stornoway, the leaves are blown away by the gales before they can turn colour properly - except for 2006, when it did get quite spectacular in the Castle Grounds.

The foggy conditions made for some very limpid colours, and the moment we left the woods, the mist increased to a fog. Visibility was at times down to 150 metres or less, improving in patches of woodland. The Watch Tower had a little bit of fog enclosed in its upper reaches. Although the mercury was stuck down at 10C / 50F, it did not feel cold. We returned via the Zypenberg through to Velp and across the Koningsberg / King's Hill back home. As I type, dusk is beginning to creep in. I have not yet uploaded pics, but will add them to a separate entry.

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