Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Evening notes

This will be the last post on Shell Gallery until my next visit to Holland. Tomorrow will see me returning to Stornoway, arriving there just after 8 o'clock in the evening, a journey of about 15 hours. I hope to be back to blogging &c the next day. I shall resume regular postings on Atlantic Lines by then.

Autumnal images

I have taken pictures of the autumn colours round here both today and on Sunday. Also on Sunday, there was a lot of activity around the birdfeeders, which will show in those images. I'm showing a few appetisers on this page, with links to the pictures from both days.

Sunday 2 November

Tuesday 4 November

Afternoon stroll

Left home just before 1pm, and headed for the Heathlands through the forests that surround the village. The autumn colours are simply stunning at the moment, something I have not really seen for a while. Up in Stornoway, the leaves are blown away by the gales before they can turn colour properly - except for 2006, when it did get quite spectacular in the Castle Grounds.

The foggy conditions made for some very limpid colours, and the moment we left the woods, the mist increased to a fog. Visibility was at times down to 150 metres or less, improving in patches of woodland. The Watch Tower had a little bit of fog enclosed in its upper reaches. Although the mercury was stuck down at 10C / 50F, it did not feel cold. We returned via the Zypenberg through to Velp and across the Koningsberg / King's Hill back home. As I type, dusk is beginning to creep in. I have not yet uploaded pics, but will add them to a separate entry.

Tuesday 4 November

Day started very foggy, and it was so dense at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport that every third flight was cancelled. Schiphol lies several metres below sealevel at the bottom of a former lake, so tends to be very bad for fog. Up here, I'm 40 metres above sealevel and the fog has now lifted. Having a bit of lunch prior to go for a walk to the Heathlands - those who read Shell Gallery on AOL in the spring will be familiar with them.

More later.

Monday, 3 November 2008

The wonders of modern technology

It's 3.30pm, and I've spent the past 3 hours on-line to the HP helpdesk, trying to sort out a software problem with my scanner. Meanwhile, it may be interesting to know that when you're in Holland, you get Dutch adverts on the websites. One of those lonely-hearts things told me in the UK that someone had a crush on me. This is being mindlessly translated, and I am now advised someone has a shattering on me. Oh, and I seem to have lost my wee bag with USB sticks. Probably at Aberdeen Airport, so will have to get in touch with them. Nothing I don't have a back-up of, but it's a nuisance nonetheless.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sunday 2 November

Today dawned brighter than of late, and the five different variety of tits continues to flutter around the bird feeders in the garden. The mercury gradually rose to about 14C / 57F, also much higher than yesterday's chilly 8C / 46F. Family arrived at 9.30 a.m. to join us in the commemorative church service, which went well. Both scripture readings and hymns and psalms were appropriate for the occasion.

After a very good lunch, we also went to the cemetery. Family returned home at 4pm, and as I'm typing this darkness falls - it's now 5.10pm. Quite a contrast to when I left here in late July, with darkness setting in at that time at 10pm.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Do you believe it?

My father told me today that he received an email from AOL about the demise of the pictures service. He has NEVER used any service by AOL; I may have emailed him the link of an album - otherwise, I can only surmise that AOL has used my address book on my pharmolo account to email everybody in there. I don't hope.

Saturday 1 November

Greetings from a grey and wet Holland. Quite cold, 8C, but beautiful autumn colours. In the next few days I shall take pictures, it was too wet this afternoon to go out with the camera.
Last Saturday's storms in Stornoway blew the Hebridean leaves off the trees.
Tomorrow, my sisters, my dad and myself will attend a church service dedicated to the deceased of the previous 12 months. My mother passed away on May 1st, and will be mentioned. That is the primary reason I'm in Holland at present.

I am going to transfer the ownership of the Magic Smoke journal to myself, and will therefore become Jland Editor. Anyone wishing to join me in maintaining that journal is welcome, and will be added to the writers list. I am very glad that Yasmin and Jeannette have also opened a tricks & tips journal. The best thing to do with AOL is forget it ever existed.