Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Flown the nest

The young great tits that had been nesting in a box outside the house had flown the nest this morning. No activity was seen near it, and when my dad opened up the nestbox, there was only the remnant of the nest - and a dreadful smell. Box was speedily cleaned up and hung up, ready for the next lot.

The weather today was sunny and bright, if a bit on the cool side still. After dinner, cooked by yours truly for a change (rice, curry sauce and cod fillet) we took ourselves off for an amble round the newer parts of the village, called the Del. These were put up 10 years ago, and house the wealthier in society. Apparently, the houses (as you may discern in the pictures) were designed to convey a Californian look, with broad verandas. Well, the climate here in eastern Holland is a bit more moderate than in Stornoway, but it's nowhere near California's. The roadworks on the ringroad are progressing apace. Returned via the 'new' primary school, which was actually constructed in 1973. It is due to be demolished, as there is insufficient space for all the children. A new building will be constructed on the far edge of the village, close to the Del - and to the neighbouring towns of Velp and Arnhem.



mutualaide said...

I'm loving your pictures Guido.

cayasm said...

hi Guido hope you and your family are well.

Looking at your pictures I never realise how green Holland was, great photo's thanks for sharing.

Take care


carolelainedodd said...

Hope all the babies birds survive.  I haven't seen any baby birds here yet, just loads of baby rabbits.
Your weather sounds very much like ours today.
Take care Guido.

jeadie05 said...

Your dinner sounded delicious ,pictures are lovely,I wonder if you would take some pictures of Arnhem  ,I brought back some acorns  from the cemetary there but they didnt grow ,and I can remember a door behind which the renasonce hid soldiers ,and the messages on the door very poignant  ,..love Jan xx

preciousone25 said...

Beautiful pics, but I gotta tell you, I don't see the 'California' look there.... it's WAY too beautiful.... LOL!!!  I love Chapel Hill.  We have some kind of law here too, that a portion of new commercial construction budgets must include some form of art... which I think is a great idea for beautification and support of the artists.


rjet33 said...

I think I would so love to visit your country.  You have a California there?  Okay, I'm going to Google now.  ;-)

Loved your photos.



amy122389 said...

I'm telling you, G.....I never thought a journal entry from you would start out with 'young great tits'.  (Did I make you laugh?!  just a little?!!?  okay...okay...I'm immature......but considering I went for my mammogram today...I'm allowed a little humour....LOL)

I love your photos.....they're always amazing.....


pprrrr39 said...

Sorry am wayyyyyy behind as i have had comp probs.... grrrrrrr.

Love the cat picture and the art ones... very nice.
hugs Jayne