Saturday, 14 January 2017

Friday 13 January

Friday the 13th dawned with as much as 13 cm / 5 inches of snow on the ground. This is by far the deepest snow in the country, and in the hills a few miles away people are engaging in cross-country skiing. At around 9.15 in the morning, I was having a walk round the village, fearing the snow would melt in the above-zero temperatures - but no fear. At 1.30 in the afternoon, the snow was very much still around, but looking prettier under the blue skies.

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P1135656 P1135659 P1135661 P1135663 P1135667 P1135672 P1135673 P1135676 P1135678 P1135683 P1135688 P1135693

Tuesday 10 January

This little goldfinch (and its not pictured mate) enjoyed the sour cherries outside our window. You don't need to venture out to enjoy the birdlife.
P1065552 P1055540

Sunday 8 January


This ornate fireplace can be found in our local church, in one of the anterooms, locally known as the Garden Room.

This is the main space in the church, looking back at the 1880 Leichel organ.

I am not doing any walks, with my father (or without him), as he is recovering from  sprained ankle he sustained on New Year's Eve. That will take a few weeks yet, so you'll primarily see pictures from around the village. Conditions along the roads are not inviting for walks either, as shown in below image.


Monday, 9 January 2017

Saturday 7 January

We awoke to a white landscape after an overnight fall of snow. This started to thaw, very very slowly, by the afternoon. There was a forecast of freezing rain, which wreaked havoc on the roads around the country. Some 500 accidents, one fatality and a million euros worth of damage. However, the snow allowed for some pretty pictures around the village.

P1075554 P1075560 P1075561 P1075565 P1075568 P1075571 P1075577 P1075583

Friday 6 January

Awoke to temperatures of -7C / 19F this morning, and when I went into town for the shopping it felt bitterly cold. Fortunately, the sun soon got to work and managed to raise the mercury to -1C / 30F, which isn't quite so bad. The ice conditions in the street, which has quite an incline, are so bad that it is practically impossible to negotiate the pavement, and the roadway itself is just about as bad.

P1065545 P1065547
P1065546 P1065550 P1065552
The blackbirds are having a field day with the sour cherry tree, which is full of fruit.

Thursday 5 January

During the night, we had a fall of rain. Nothing unusual, but the sting was in the tail when temperatures dropped well below freezing. It left the roads very icy indeed.

P1055535 P1055536 P1055541 P1055537

Meanwhile, the blue tits are already exploring a possible nest site.


Wednesday 4 January

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