Friday, 27 January 2017

Friday 27 January

I am once more returning to Stornoway today, and therefore The Shell Gallery will go back under wraps, much like its real life counterpart in the Castle Country Park.

When I'm next back in Holland, I shall resume posting here.

Until then, I can be found posting occasionally in Atlantic Lines.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Monday 23 January

It's my father's birthday today, and after yesterday's visit he had two more today. The day was closed with a nice meal at a local Chinese / Indonesian restaurant, so the birthday boy was well regaled.

Sunday 22 January

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Saturday 21 January

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Friday 20 January

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Thursday 19 January

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Today at lunchtime, we were wondering about sounds of rumbling, crashing and banging on the roof and around the house. It turned out that the bright midday sun was warming up the rooftiles, and the cover of snow slid down like an avalance and landed on lower roofs and the ground outside.
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Wednesday 18 January

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